It’s a “go” for Davenports!

May 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Price Manufacturing has recently taken steps to increase productivity in its Davenport precision screw machine department. By adding brand new machines to the production line, Price Manufacturing has increased capacity levels by 35%. The machines will be used to assist the current aerospace market, both in Southern California and throughout the United States. Davenport has been a reliable element in the success of our company. We are both eager and pleased to introduce the latest machines to our growing business. With new machines, come new...

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Aerospace Precision Machining by Price Manufacturing

Dec 12, 2013 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing provides CNC and precision screw machining services to a variety of industries, including the medical, alternative energy, and recreational fields. However, our company began with a focus on aerospace precision machining. Over the years, we have served the supply chains for Boeing, Airbus, and a host of other commercial and military aircraft manufacturers. Aerospace companies choose us for several important reasons… The Quality of Our Work Three decades of machining has taught us how to achieve the closest tolerances...

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Training & Productivity

Aug 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

With manufacturing on the uptick, it is important for our business to be conscientious about improving our productivity and efficiency. The influx of competition deposits added burden not only on the corporate bottom line, but on our dedicated team as well. One key arena that will benefit our staff and encourage additional employee growth is the ideology of continuous training. There is a false narrative amongst business owners that changing processes will have a greater effect on the business than additional employee training. This fallacy...

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More than Precision Machining: Corona’s Price Manufacturing Delivers Solutions

Aug 10, 2013 in News, Technology

Through its thirty years of business, Price Manufacturing has become a leading provider of CNC precision machining. Corona companies rely on us for… High-quality materials Customers expect parts that comply with or exceed the standards for their industry. Sourcing the right raw materials from reliable partners helps us achieve this goal and gives customers confidence in the final product. Close tolerances Price Manufacturing produces parts that meet even the most stringent specifications. Whatever the characteristic or complexity, our...

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Searching for a Precision CNC Machine Shop? California and Arizona Businesses Turn to Price Manufacturing

Jul 4, 2013 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing is an experienced provider of screw and CNC precision machining. Arizona and California businesses have relied on our services for years because we have never stopped developing new ways of serving our customers. We started in 1980 with four Davenport machines and a focus on the aerospace industry. Over time, we have added new industries to our work. Now, we serve companies in a variety of areas, and we have the expertise to produce parts more accurately and quickly than ever. Below, we describe some of the systems and...

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Price Manufacturing: A Precision CNC Machine Shop | Arizona

Jul 2, 2013 in News, Technology

For over three decades, Price Manufacturing has provided customers with high-quality parts for their projects and components. Through our work as a precision screw and CNC machine shop, Arizona customers get on-time delivery, parts that meet close tolerances and complex specifications, and a true partner in the process. For some companies, this concept is a marketing line. For us, it’s something we demonstrate in every project. Here are few of the ways we support our customers beyond the production of their parts… Recommending an...

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Seeking a Screw and CNC Precision Machining Company? San Bernardino and Riverside Businesses Rely on Price Manufacturing

Jun 29, 2013 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing offers customers the things they care about most in a parts provider: reliability, quality, and accuracy. We’re more than a screw and CNC precision machining company; San Bernardino and Riverside businesses have counted on our services for over thirty years because we employ these values at every step in the process. In recent years, we’ve formalized our system for providing the best parts and the best customer service. Our Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) is a software system that works continuously to...

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The ISO-Certified, Precision Machining Company: Riverside Businesses Rely on Price Manufacturing

Jun 21, 2013 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing produces high-quality parts for customers throughout the country. Our efficiency and reliability come out of the processes we use from the design phase to the delivery of the final lot. When selecting a precision machining company, Riverside customers expect a provider to adhere to close tolerances, meet their design specifications, and deliver parts on-time and at their budget. Price Manufacturing fits each of these criteria. We have developed a reputation for quality in part by following the practices of the...

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Precision Machining: Los Angeles Companies, Custom Parts, and Price Manufacturing

Jun 20, 2013 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing is an experienced provider of CNC and screw precision machining. Los Angeles customers recognize us as a leader in the production of custom parts. For over 30 years, we have been supporting businesses with manufacturing projects that require both design and technical expertise. Our Customers Price Manufacturing supports a wide variety of businesses as a precision machining company. Los Angeles-area customers come from many different industries: We serve companies in aerospace who build components for industry giants such...

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CNC Precision Machining: San Bernardino Medical and Electronics Businesses Count on Price Manufacturing

Jun 12, 2013 in News, Technology

Computer numerical control machining allows Price Manufacturing to produce medium-to-large production lots that meet precise specifications. With the equipment we use in CNC precision machining, San Bernardino customers have more choices for high-quality, high-volume, and highly-reliable parts. The accuracy that our process provides makes it a natural fit for the medical and electronics industries. The advance of technology in both areas has led to the miniaturization of machines that once required huge amounts of power or large spaces to...

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