Posted on Jun 8, 2013 in News, Technology

For over thirty years, Price Manufacturing has helped leading companies to create products that range from the “everyday” to the “essential.” With our CNC precision machining, Arizona companies have built everything from airplanes to autos and medical devices to monitoring equipment.

Get to know our typical client…

Industry: In some ways, Price Manufacturing is extremely specific. We focus on the development of high-quality, high-tolerance parts. However, because of our experience and skill in CNC precision machining, Arizona customers come from many different types of business. This variety gives us broad experience that we can apply to a range of product designs.

Size of Project: Typically, customers who approach us for work on CNC machining products are seeking a provider that can deliver in large volume. We are a match for businesses that require batches of at least 5,000 pieces (for certain equipment, this minimum is 20,000 pieces.) Setting requirements such as these allows us to serve customers much more effectively; volume helps us meet client budgets and lets us fine-tune part replication to achieve high tolerances.

Point of Contact: One of three individuals reaches out to us for most of the projects that we handle:

  • In some cases, a client’s lead engineer will send us a drawing for a part that the company requires. We review the drawing in-house with our experienced machinists to determine whether projects are candidates for screw or CNC machining products. Then, we work with the client’s engineer to finalize the specifications.
  • In other cases, the lead contact for a client is its purchasing agent. The agent may send us a request for pricing and for sourcing a new part. Agents usually know the specific requirements of precision machining; Arizona customers have them get in touch with us to discuss the feasibility of the project, the lead time, and the cost structure.
  • On some occasions, a business owner may reach out to us directly to learn more about our company and our services.

No matter which role you play, we are excited about the opportunity to support your business.

Need: Price Manufacturing is suited to companies that value quality and reliability above all other factors. Our philosophy in pricing is straightforward. We charge for our CNC precision machining work in a way that will provide Arizona customers with the best parts. This means that we hire and retain experienced, skilled workers over those who are unskilled and untrained. We believe that better workers—along with great equipment and processes—save our clients time and headaches. No one wants costly rejections of lots, and doing our job well helps clients avoid delays in their own supply chain.

Price Manufacturing delivers parts that meet specifications on time and at budget. We invite you to learn more about what we can do for you.

If you are an Arizona business in need of CNC precision machining, contact Price Manufacturing for a quote. Email us or call us at (951) 371-5660.