Machining Expertise and Superior
Customer Service

Price Manufacturing is a small company that is family-owned and operated by experienced machinists. Our planning team analyzes all projects to determine the correct state-of-the-art technologies in tooling and manufacturing methods to use prior to each job. This attention to every detail results in a positive experience for our customers. We invite you to challenge our machining expertise to engineer both quality and cost savings into your products.

Our Customer Service Staff

No other company will exceed our pride and dedication to your projects. Since 1980, our business philosophy has placed the customer at the top of our priority list. Our Administrative Secretary tracks all orders received and shipped. Telephone inquiries are responded to daily. Each and every job we work on gets personal attention from all members of our staff.

VMI Program

Price Manufacturing takes the extra step, offering more than just quality/on-time products. We help to counter shortages and long lead times through certified Vendor Managed Inventory programs. Our VMI program allows for more flexibility with customer constraints and helps set Price Manufacturing apart from its competition.

VMI Program (service):

  • Reduce cost
  • Increase consumer cash flow
  • Increase productivity through streamlined processes
  • Remove customer burden and their strenuous inventory programs. By removing these procurement burdens, Price Manufacturing allows its customers to focus on their strengths.
    (I.E. expand into new markets, modernize internal issues, satisfy their customers, and increase profitability)
  • Increase process capability
  • Lower logistics costs-mitigate interruptions, create transparency through operations, better forecasting/planning
  • Achieve affordability
  • Increase our capability/capacity

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