Posted on Jun 7, 2013 in News, Technology

Since 1980, Price Manufacturing has been using state-of-the-art tools and techniques to deliver quality parts. With the help of our precision machining company, San Bernardino businesses are able to solve complex problems and overcome obstacles of time, cost, and design.

When customers come to us with a project, we sometimes have to guide them towards the best process for the job. Precision screw machining is best suited for creating parts that…

  • Must be tooled to precise dimensions. If we are producing a batch of screws for an airplane wing, a car’s instrumentation panel, or other products used every day by consumers, it is essential that those screws sit in place correctly.
  • Are being ordered in high volume. Our clients choose us as a reliable manufacturer for batches of 5,000 pieces or more. We serve companies with the largest needs because we can consistently create big batches that meet their design specifications.
  • Emphasize budget. As a precision machining company, San Bernardino customers often come to us to learn the most cost-effective method for their needs. We can help clients determine if their products are good candidates for screw machining or if they should instead consider our services as a CNC machine shop. Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino businesses receive this guidance free of charge.

Our Approach

In the screw machining process, we use bar stock from metals such as steel, brass, aluminum, and titanium. We position the bar stock, measuring twelve feet, into our equipment to begin work. Note: While our precision machining company can handle a wide variety of materials, we do not deal with plastic due to its specialized qualities and the production techniques required.

When we have finished stock-up, we review the design specifications to determine how to shape the bars. Our screw machinery uses multiple spindles, which allows us to perform different operations on multiple bars at once. By the time this step is finished, the parts are ready for the customer.

Three things are important to note about screw machining:

  • First, the equipment we use allows us to finish projects faster. This means that clients can have the parts that they need at a less expensive rate than other methods.
  • Second, screw machining in our precision machining company is handled manually. Our expert machinists feed bars into place, set up tools on the multi-spindles, and collect completed parts. This allows ongoing oversight for the project.
  • Third, the computer numerical control machining process we offer is able to reach higher tolerances than manual screw machining. However, CNC is ultra-specific and may not be necessary for every customer’s project. Many clients rely on screw machining because our experienced machinists are able to review the entire process and make modifications when necessary.

Whatever process your business is considering, we invite you to get in touch with Price Manufacturing, where we make parts that make products even better.

Learn more about Price Manufacturing’s work as a screw and CNC precision machining company. Email us, use our online form, or call our San Bernardino-area offices at (951) 371-5660.