Posted on Dec 12, 2013 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing provides CNC and precision screw machining services to a variety of industries, including the medical, alternative energy, and recreational fields. However, our company began with a focus on aerospace precision machining. Over the years, we have served the supply chains for Boeing, Airbus, and a host of other commercial and military aircraft manufacturers.

Aerospace companies choose us for several important reasons…

The Quality of Our Work

Three decades of machining has taught us how to achieve the closest tolerances while staying true to budgets and time constraints. The expertise of our engineers allows us to design projects for success from the outset and anticipate problems before they occur.

This forward thinking approach and our use of highly-skilled team members grew out of our service to aerospace. We understand the level of quality that customers in the industry expect, and we innovate continuously to meet these demands.

Price Manufacturing offers aerospace precision machining that is compliant with the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) and with the American standards for aerospace. As a result, customers—and those they serve—can rely on the parts we produce.

Delivery When Customers Need It

In recent years, our customers have faced added pressure to deliver more parts with shorter lead times. Automotive precision machining and aerospace projects in particular are subject to this trend. Simultaneously, fewer machine shops are still available to help them meet these demands.

Price Manufacturing understands that our success hinges on our customers’ success. To support them, we have developed systems for shortening our own delivery schedule. Partly, we accomplish this by communicating well with our customers, anticipating their requirements, and preparing for their increase in demand.

We also look for ways to speed up our precision machining work without sacrificing quality. For example, some aerospace customers want to ensure that parts are always available in case they receive a larger-than-expected order. Price Manufacturing will offer qualified customers a stocking program to provide inventory for these situations. We can arrange to carry up to 12 months’ worth of parts plus an additional percentage.

Efficiency at Every Stage

Innovation has allowed us to take our customers to new levels of efficiency. This is evident in the equipment we offer, such as our radioisotope unit.

The standards for aerospace require that raw material be sampled (rather than testing only a single piece.) However, the cost of sampling with an outside laboratory can be high and the time involved may be considerable.

Price Manufacturing’s radioisotope unit checks the chemical composition of raw materials to ensure that they meet the strict requirements of the aerospace industry. Because the alloy verification process takes place in-house, precision machining for aerospace parts takes less time. It is just one more way we add value to our customers.

Price Manufacturing understands that precision, reliability, and efficiency matter to all of its customers. Whether industry your business serves, we invite you to learn more about our work. Contact us by email, use our online form, or call (951) 371-5660. Conveniently located on the edge of Riverside and San Bernardo counties and serving California, Nevada and Arizona.