Industries Served and Products Provided

Airplane Being Built In Machine Shop


Price Manufacturing began as a supplier to the Southern California aerospace industry. We have built a solid reputation as a quality supplier to many aerospace components and parts distributors who supply to Boeing, Airbus, and other commercial and military aircraft manufactures. We are DFARS compliant, and meet or exceed the tough quality standards of the Aerospace industry.

Solar Windmills on Hill

Alternative Fuels:

With the current emphasis on energy efficiency, we see this as the next growth industry for the future. We currently supply various parts for alternative fuel delivery components, fittings, adaptors, housings and vacuum components.

Car Being Built in Manufacturing Plant


Price Manufacturing became involved in the beginning stages of the automotive safety restraint systems program in the early 1980′s. During the rapid increase in demand for airbag devices, Price was able to meet the strict quality requirements and ever-changing engineering and procurement demands of this industry. In addition, we have diversified to provide parts for automotive fuel sensors, braking systems, electronics and after-market repairs.

Close Up of Electronic Connector

Electronic Connectors:

We provide a variety of products made to specific customer requirements for contact assemblies, hermetically sealed products, terminal headers, telecommunication connectors and adaptors.

Medical Operating Room with Equipment


We provide only the highest quality stainless and aluminum devices for medical products.

Hard Metal Piece on Top of Metal Shavings

Recreational and Hobby:

Archery, bicycling, off-roading, gaming systems and cooking products are just a few industries for our products. We offer a cost-efficient method, and our machining expertise can help any industry.

Skeleton of a Jeep in the Mountains

Safety Systems:

Products for gas detection devices, automotive safety, construction safety, lighting, and home security systems.

Price Manufacturing Company serves these industries in several California communities: Corona, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles. We also serve markets in Arizona. Contact us online or call our facility at (951) 371-5660.