Raw Material for Industrial Machining

Just as important as skilled machinists and precision equipment is using high-grade materials that work best for your products. Price Manufacturing Company carefully works with your specified materials to produce high-quality parts. Our customers often come from fields where safety and quality are imperative. We meet the rigorous standards of the medical, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Here are the materials we use and the industries they are used in:


Aerospace Grade

The low density and high strength of titanium make its strength-to-density ratio the highest of any metallic element. A high melting point, low conductivity, and resistance to corrosion in seawater and chlorine further recommend it as a durable material for construction.

Price Manufacturing Company’s customers typically come from the aerospace industry. Titanium is used in aerospace collars, bolts, sleeves, pins, and rivets.

Stainless Steel:

High-speed machining of 300 and 400-series stainless.
Burr-free machining of aircraft alloys such as A-286.

Unlike regular steel, stainless does not corrode, rust, or stain when in water. Added chromium prevents this and the levels are adjusted to endure specific environments.

Ideal for architecture, many staples such as New York’s Chrysler Building and the St. Louis Gateway Arch. Price Manufacturing uses stainless steel for similar industrial fixtures as well as medical devices and mining sensor houses to maintain gleaming, high-quality products.

Steel Alloys:

High-volume production machining of non-leaded steels like 1215
Close tolerance machining of high carbon alloys such as 4140

Our steel alloys combine the strength of steel with the properties that you need to produce high-quality parts. We work with both high and low alloy steel to better serve our customers’ needs for material that resists corrosion, tolerates heat, or exhibits other properties you have specified.

Most of our customers that use steel alloys need specialized mining brackets or automotive studs.

Aluminum Alloys:

2011, 2024, 6061, 7075, aircraft, ordinance, and heat-treatable alloys.

We use a range of casting and wrought alloys to achieve the properties you need for your design. This lighter, less flammable works best with products that need to be aerodynamic.

Because of its moderately high strength, our customers in the aerospace and medical field typically use this material. It resists corrosion well and is used to produce aerospace collars, bolts, sleeves, pins, rivets, and medical devices.


Form-free cutting brass to Teflon.

We use non-ferrous, without iron, when non-magnetic, low weight and high conductivity material is specified by company engineers. Non-ferrous metals are able to resist corrosion, making it ideal for construction.

At Price Manufacturing, non-ferrous metal is predominantly used for industrial parts due to its high-grade durability.

Our machine tolerances and finishes are second to none.

Raw material may be specific as DFARS compliant with accompanying certificates of conformance on all shipments at no additional cost.

If we do not have your industry listed, we can still work with you. For more information about customized work, call 951-371-5660 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required.