Our Inventory of Equipment

Precision Screw Machine Equipment

Since 1980, Price Manufacturing Company has been building our inventory of precision screw machining equipment from our first few automatic screw machines to the whole ‘toolkit’ we work with now.  And like a toolkit, our precision equipment only reaches its highest potential in the hands of skilled, dedicated and experienced machinists.

Mori Seiki Lathe

Mori Seiki lathes drill, cut, sand, and polish materials ranging from hard metal to durable plastic. As the name suggests, the machine operates with the aid of a computer programmed with specific dimensions and results in a symmetrical high quality result.

The versatility of Mori Seiki lathes means that they used to create a variety of products for different industries. The lathes are tough enough to meet requirements needed to produce industrial grade fixtures, hydraulic fitting, and off-road seals but sensitive enough to produce medical devices and mining sensor housing.

Davenport Screw Machines

The Davenport Screw Machine is an incredibly fast, five-spindled device that can produce a high volume of excellent quality parts. Because it is programmable, machinists are required to input information from blueprints and monitor the process, intervening only at key points.

This machine is ideal for producing aerospace collars, bolts sleeves, pins, rivets because it uses stainless steel, non-ferrus steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, and A-289. It can handle material ranging from 0.0625-.875” OD to accommodate its use in medical devices.

Acme-Gridley Multi-Spindle Screw Machines

The six-spindled Acme-Gridley Screw Machine can run material from 0.75-2 & 5/8” OD. It extends the possibilities for designs and encompasses a broader range than the Davenport Screw Machine.

The Acme-Gridley Screw Machine is used to manufacture aerospace collars, specialized mining brackets, washers, and automotive spacers.


Price Manufacturing has both the 6-spindle and 8-spindle Euroturn. They are able to achieve the high volumes and tight tolerances needed in several precision products.

We typically work with automotive, industrial, and specialty industry to create parts based on their designs.

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