Posted on Aug 27, 2015 in Technology

It’s easy for a company to promise quality results on-time, but how do they ensure they deliver? For projects where precision is key and even the smallest delays can threaten success, “we’ll do our best” just doesn’t cut it. For over 30 years, Price Manufacturing has been a trusted supplier of custom screw machine products to the transportation, electronics, energy, and safety industries and for good reason. We back up our promises with infrastructure, systems, and best practices that don’t leave results to chance.

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

We’ve been around long enough to understand that failure to deliver does more than just affect our bottom-line – it affects the ability of every client to do their business effectively. For us, failure simply isn’t an option and we actively invest in its prevention in several major ways:

  • ISO Quality Certification: the International Organization for Standardization is recognized as the world’s largest developer and publisher of standards for business excellence. We meet the stringent requirements of the ISO 9000:2008 standard, which encompass everything from employee training to materials procurement, manufacturing excellence to proactive problem identification and prevention. Certification can only be granted by ISO authorized independent third-party auditors.
  • Advanced Technology: our state-of-the-art 6-spindle Euroturn screw machines allow more efficient machining with minimal downtime while still maintaining stringent tolerances. We utilize laser inspection systems for error free inspection of each part’s external features in under 2 seconds. Our radioisotope unit allows for in-house testing of alloy composition, avoiding costly third party testing. These devices and others work together to provide exceptional quality and enhanced cost-effectiveness for you.
  • Just-In-Time Manufacturing: through the use of best-practices such as Kanban, we are able to provide improved flexibility in scheduling product releases to our clients. This increases your return on investment by minimizing the cost of storing excess parts and streamlining set-up times. We work to understand your project timelines, delivering parts just in time, but we also partner with you to anticipate unexpected demand and avoid delays.

Through our unwavering commitment to quality, we are proud to maintain a rejection rate of less than one-tenth of one percent with our customers, but we aren’t just stopping there. We continuously work to improve our processes and infrastructure and strive to eliminate error entirely, delivering parts that are on-spec and on-time every time.

Customers have trusted Price Manufacturing for custom screw machine products since 1980. Discover what an uncompromising commitment to quality can do for you. Call us today at (951) 371-5660 for a quote. You can also email us or use our online form to contact us.