Posted on Jun 1, 2013 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing, opened in 1980, is a leading provider of screw machined parts and CNC precision machining. Riverside businesses in a variety of industries rely on us to deliver custom parts that meet extremely close tolerances.

One of the major benefits that Price Manufacturing offers to customers is its flexibility in scheduling releases. Businesses that require just-in-time (JIT) inventory control will find a partner with expertise in the process. This flexibility allows customers to choose a delivery method that meets their production schedule needs.

Below, we describe more about what the just-in-time process is and how it relates to CNC precision machining. Riverside businesses are encouraged to review this information and to talk with Price Manufacturing about their next project.


The aim of JIT is to improve a company’s return on investment by reducing unfinished inventory and the cost of carrying that inventory. Specific signals, or “Kanban,” help the company dictate which parts of production should take place at what time. This method can benefit a business in several ways:

  • JIT makes inventory easier to manage since only the parts that are necessary at a given time are involved in the manufacturing process.
  • Less money is required for storage costs, and less time goes towards set-up because workers know which tasks are required at any given point in the CNC precision machining process.
  • Riverside companies can produce parts more efficiently because they have the components that they require when they need them.

JIT: Issues to Consider

A significant drawback to JIT is that the supply chain may be interrupted by unexpected demand. The Kanban can only provide a certain amount of lead time, and a significant increase in the parts that a company requires can cause delays in production.

Fortunately, Price Manufacturing has the expertise to advise customers about these concerns. Typically, we work with them during the design of a project and through its implementation to ensure that companies have an alternative source for parts. It’s one more way that we provide value in our CNC precision machining services.

Price Manufacturing and Efficiency

JIT is only one of the processes that Price Manufacturing uses to build efficiency into its work. The knowledge of our staff—from our quality managers to our machinists to our foremen—means that projects are completed on-time and in a way that meets the customer’s design specifications.

Also, the equipment that Price Manufacturing uses in its work allows for greater CNC precision machining. Riverside customers benefit from

  • An Enterprise Resource Program that schedules production and tracks quality.
  • A rapid laser inspection system to check our parts’ external features.
  • Our radioisotope unit, which verifies the alloys we use.

Expertise; advanced equipment; better processes: all of these elements allow Price Manufacturing to meet the needs of a project and exceed the expectations of our customers. We invite you to experience our work for yourself.

Contact Price Manufacturing to find out more about CNC precision machining services. Riverside customers can reach us online, by email, or by telephone at (951) 371-5660.