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More than Precision Machining Services: Price Manufacturing Delivers Solutions

Price Manufacturing is known as a provider of precision machining services. Its long experience in CNC and screw machining is one of the reasons that customers choose the company project after project and year after year.

However, Price Manufacturing understands that our customers are not just coming to us for parts. They are choosing us to help them solve the challenges that they face in building industry-leading components.

As a precision machining company, customers expect a few things from us.

High-quality materials: Customers want parts that meet or exceed the standards for their industry. They want to have confidence that the precision machining services they use are starting with the proper raw materials.

Close tolerances: Price Manufacturing produces parts that follow the specifications customers require. Whatever the characteristic and the complexity of the part, our customers know that their order has been tested to assure compliance.

On-time delivery: Whether they serve the automotive, aerospace, health care, or recreational fields, customers must have parts delivered when they need them. Price Manufacturing knows that our customers’ success may hinge on on-time delivery, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Price Manufacturing earns customers by meeting the above criteria. However, we earn our reputation with more than precision machining services.

Beyond Parts

Price Manufacturing thinks differently about precision machining. We look at our services as a way of reducing our customers’ challenges.

For example, we know that some customers are concerned that their parts will be damaged during shipping and processing. The obvious solution is to throw money at the problem: recommend that the customers invest in new packaging. The problem with this recommendation is that along with the expense of packaging materials, customers may lose time unpacking each and every part.

Instead of making the simple but expensive recommendation, Price Manufacturing will provide alternative designs for their parts to help them withstand the rigor of shipping. We can recommend changes such as corner breaks and angles. Rounding the corners and edges of these parts in a skillful way helps us avoid metal burs during tooling. It also helps parts stand up to packing and shipping without relying on expensive packaging materials.

Expertise Matters

Not every part will lend itself to redesign in this way. However, at Price Manufacturing, we believe that we can act as a partner on every project.

Because we work with a variety of customers and industries and because we have been creating quality parts for so many years, we are able to look at a project and identify areas that may present a challenge for our customers. We recommend solutions to these problems, suggest alternatives that will save money, and offer answers to any questions that come up.

This isn’t “customer service.” It’s not “value-add.” It’s just what we think customers should expect from a high-quality parts provider. We invite you to experience our work for yourself.

Contact us to learn about Price Manufacturing’s services and precision machining products. Email us or call (951) 371-5660.

Precision Machining Services

Price Manufacturing has earned its reputation both by providing precision machining services and by helping solve our customer’s challenges.

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