Posted on Aug 5, 2015 in Technology

Since we began in 1980, we’ve expanded on our initial focus of providing aerospace parts to include work for a wide variety of industries. While not every job requires the precision we can achieve through CNC machining, products requiring very high tolerances are ideally suited to our process. When you contact Price Manufacturing, our experts will assess your project and recommend the best and most cost-effective approach to meet your needs.

Advantages of CNC Machining

CNC, or computer controlled, machining is an ultra-specific process, allowing for the creation of precision custom parts. This process is perfect for applications in the medical and electronics industries, where improvements in technology have led to the miniaturization of parts, but it can be successfully applied in many industries. Advantages offered by CNC machining include:

  • High Precision: where safety is concerned, there is no room for error. Parts used in safety applications are often machined utilizing CNC because the computer control allows us to achieve extremely close tolerance levels, even in large batch production.
  • Reduced Lead Times: CNC turning using multi-axis lathes provides a cost-effective means for running production on multiple bars with different variations. Also, insert tooling capability allows for quick change-overs to minimize lead times.
  • On-time Delivery: we employ the use of JIT, Kanban, and inventory controlled scheduled releases to ensure not only that your parts arrive on time, but that you aren’t having to store more than you need at any given point during your project.

Price Manufacturing operates Bridgeport, Fadal, and Mori-Seiki mills plus a complete line of Mori-Seiki lathes to produce products for many different industries. Whatever your business, if your project requires precision parts, Price Manufacturing can provide them on-spec and on time, every time.

Since 1980, Price Manufacturing has been a trusted source of CNC machining products. Clients across Riverside County, Tuscon, San Bernardino County, and other communities in California and Arizona have relied on our products. Discover the difference experience can make in your project. Call us today at (951) 371-5660 for a quote. You can also email us or contact us on our website.