Screw Machining Products

Multi-Spindle Screw Machining-Turned Parts
The Most Cost-Effective Method for High Volume Manufacturing of Turned Components

Multi-spindle screw machining is the most cost-effective method for high-volume production of turned components, while still capable of holding precision dimensions. Round, hexagon, or extruded bar stock is used in a variety of raw materials. Specific tooling designed for each spindle enables the process to hold various dimensions with minimal or no variation.

Custom manufactured to your specifications

Quick change tooling for cost efficient set-ups and lead times
JIT, Kanban, and Inventory controlled scheduled releases to ensure on-time deliveries

Multi-spindle screw machining bar stock from 1/16” to 2-5/8” diameters
Tolerances to .0005

Operations Performed Include:

  • Drill
  • Backwork
  • Broach
  • Cross Drill
  • Key-way Mill
  • Swage
  • Mill Stamp
  • Threading: internal & external,
    rolled or cut
  • Burnish
  • Knurl
  • Form
  • Cross Mill
  • Slot
  • Tap
  • Flat Generate

Price Manufacturing operates the Davenport, Acme and Euroturn screw machines to produce products for a variety of industries.

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