Posted on Jun 1, 2013 in News, Technology

A lot has changed since Price Manufacturing opened its doors in 1980 to provide precision machining. Arizona customers may recognize that our processes have become more refined; our technologies and equipment have advanced; and we have utilized the best practices in manufacturing.

Some things have stayed the same, though. Price Manufacturing is still committed to providing expertise, customer support, and the highest quality parts offered by a precision machining company. Arizona companies in need of a true manufacturing partner are invited to learn more about our services and values below.

Our Work

Over the years, Price Manufacturing has become known as a reliable manufacturer for customers who have high volume needs. With the development of advanced technology, we have been able to serve customers in more ways than ever.

  • Our screw machining service produces a large number of parts in a timely fashion. Our tools use multiple spindles, which allow us to operate on several bars of raw material at once.
  • We are a leader in custom CNC precision machining. Arizona businesses can choose this option when they require high-volume, highly-accurate production lots.
  • Price Manufacturing’s laser inspection system, radioisotope unit, and Enterprise Resources Program add efficiency and cost-savings to each project.

CNC and Screw Machining

Our CNC precision machining is best for Arizona customers that require parts tooled to extremely close tolerances. CNC machining also gives customers flexibility in the way parts are tooled; our systems use multi-axis lathes and allow for quick change-overs to reduce lead times.

Price Manufacturing’s screw machining process provides a lower-cost, higher-volume option for businesses that do not require CNC’s precision. We can work with a variety of raw materials—including steel, brass, aluminum, and titanium—and the process still provides a high level of tolerance.

Customer Service

As a Price Manufacturing customer, you will find that our representatives are responsive, knowledgeable, and up-to-date on your project. Call us anytime during business hours to ask questions about our work or to discuss potential challenges and possible solutions.

Price Manufacturing provides assistance at no cost to improve your project. We will team with a customer’s engineer to review part drawings, discuss the specifications, and provide all of the options available for machining. This support is our way of demonstrating our commitment to your business.

Our Values

Whether Arizona customers require screw or CNC precision machining, they will experience the same values upon which our company was founded. We will:

  • Provide the highest quality parts and deliver lots that attain the closest tolerances.
  • Meet deadlines reliably. We know that customers count on our parts to keep their own commitments.
  • Be available to customers for guidance and expertise throughout the process.

Now that you know about us, we’d like to learn more about you. Get in touch with Price Manufacturing today.

Arizona businesses can get more information about our precision machining services by using our online form, emailing, or calling us at (951) 371-5660.