Posted on Jul 2, 2013 in News, Technology

For over three decades, Price Manufacturing has provided customers with high-quality parts for their projects and components. Through our work as a precision screw and CNC machine shop, Arizona customers get on-time delivery, parts that meet close tolerances and complex specifications, and a true partner in the process.

For some companies, this concept is a marketing line. For us, it’s something we demonstrate in every project.

Here are few of the ways we support our customers beyond the production of their parts…

Recommending an approach: We believe that serving customers goes beyond fulfilling orders as a CNC machine shop. Arizona customers that choose us for their work receive guidance at every stage in the process. We suggest the equipment and the schedule that will most efficiently produce the parts that they need. We also take into account the budget, timeline, and tolerance requirements before we make a recommendation.

Staying in communication: Price Manufacturing’s Enterprise Resource Program schedules production and tracks the progress of work. This lets our service staff proactively inform customers about the state of their CNC precision machining. Arizona businesses appreciate the prompt responses we provide to telephone inquiries and the personal attention we offer. At any time of the day, we can give customers answers that are informative, specific, and actionable.

Choosing more rugged materials: With our experience and expertise, our CNC machine shop team understands every aspect of parts manufacturing, from sourcing raw materials to the components our customers are creating. Knowing our business to this level of detail saves our customers time and money. For example, we can recommend ways to exchange one raw material for another when the benefits are negligible and the supply is more readily available.

Offering cost-saving alternatives: Our expertise as a CNC machine shop also helps Arizona customers choose materials that are less expensive but still suitable to their application. For example, aluminum used in aerospace applications must be of specific quality, while other industries can take advantage of lower-cost commercial aluminum. Businesses that plan to use chrome can often reduce costs by using aluminum or nickel. Our staff helps customers know when they can make a switch and when paying more will help ensure the right outcome for their parts.

Delivering parts safely: Many customers need parts that meet high tolerances. However, these components can be fragile enough to become damaged during shipping. One solution is to add packaging materials to the order, but packaging can increase the cost. Fortunately, Price Manufacturing can guide customers in changing the design of parts so that they can withstand shipping from a CNC machine shop without the need for additional packaging materials. We can round corners and edges and retool parts in a way that avoids creating metal burs.

These are just some of the ways that our experience, expertise, and service mentality all support our customers. If your Arizona company is looking for a precision CNC machine shop, contact Price Manufacturing by emailing us, using our online form, or calling (951) 371-5660.