Posted on Dec 28, 2012 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing: An ISO-Certified Screw Machine Products Company

Price Manufacturing produces high-quality parts for customers throughout the country. Our efficiency and reliability comes from the process we use throughout the design phase all the way to the delivery of the final lot.

As a CNC and screw machine products company, customers choose Price Manufacturing because of our ability to provide parts that adhere to close tolerances, that meet their design specifications and that are delivered on-time and at their budget. We have developed a reputation for quality in part by following the manufacturing practices of the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, the world’s largest developer and publisher of international standards.

The ISO 9000 collection of standards is an international consensus on recommended quality management practices. Price Manufacturing is compliant to ISO 9001:2008, which is the only standard in ISO 9000 against which organizations can be certified. The standard’s goal is to help businesses keep customers satisfied by following a time-tested framework. ISO 9001:2008 is a systematic approach to managing an organization so that it reliably provides products or services that meet customer needs.

When Price Manufacturing produces screw machine products, company guidelines we have developed ensure our quality and continual improvement. We regularly audit our ISO 9001:2008 system. This helps us verify that we are managing our processes effectively. Also, whether we are creating CNC or custom screw machine products, Price Manufacturing invites customers to audit our quality system. This provides assurance that we will deliver products that meet their requirements.

Our certification as ISO 9001:2008 is one of the reasons that customers know that they can trust Price Manufacturing to accomplish their projects. We implement several tools, including feasibility analysis, control plans and written instructions for all phases of the manufacturing process. Also, we use continuous improvement methods to anticipate problems, and we review our operations at every stage of machining to improve the quality of the final product.

We design quality into the process because of our standards as a screw machine products company. To help customers get the best parts, we aim to achieve specific internal goals…

  • Defect-free products: For the parts that Price Manufacturing delivers, we are proud to maintain a rejection rate of less than one-tenth of one percent. In addition, our company has a very low internal rate of rejection. Our goal is to exceed this mark so that every part is delivered to specification.
  • Customer satisfaction: Our company will work intently to support customers throughout their project. We advise them on the design aspects of their parts, communicate about potential challenges, respond quickly to their concerns and deliver products on time.
  • Competitive pricing: Price Manufacturing offers high-quality products, expertise and reliability to customers. In return, we charge prices that reflect this offering. The rate we set helps ensure that we will be able to support the customer’s needs from now into the future.

Conveniently located on the edge of Riverside and San Bernardo counties and serving California, Nevada and Arizona. Learn more about working with our CNC and screw machine products company by emailing or calling us at (951) 371-5660.