Posted on Dec 1, 2012 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing produces CNC and precision screw machining products. Unlike other companies, which focus on creating mass-manufactured products that can be sold at distribution centers, we specialize in precision machine threaded parts that are customized to the needs of individual businesses.

Our customers come from a variety of industries. Working with companies across many different categories is both a strategic choice and one that fits with our work in CNC and precision screw machining.

When we founded Price Manufacturing in 1980, we started with four Davenport machines and an emphasis on aerospace projects. The industry represented about 90% of all of our business. A few years later, Price Manufacturing diversified into the automotive category. Our company produced precision machine parts for the automotive airbag program and, later, for automotive airbag restraint system parts.

Production in both industries dipped significantly in the 1990s due to outsourcing and macroeconomic trends. Management at Price Manufacturing recognized that the value in our work was not specific to a single industry. Instead, our parts are a match for companies that:

  • Require high-volume production of parts. Typically, customers receive 5,000 or more products in a single order. Because of the size of lots, we are able to complete individual parts much more efficiently than would be possible with small orders.
  • Value accuracy and quality. Our company offers precision screw machining that utilizes advanced equipment, which can achieve extremely close tolerances. In addition, we use raw materials from high-grade resources.
  • Need products that cannot easily be purchased from distribution centers. Price Manufacturing uses multi-spindle screw machining to create precision machine threaded parts. Our equipment can tool each spindle in the machine to hold various dimensions with minimal or no variation (we operate the Davenport, Acme and Euroturn models.)

In the tradition of other American businesses rising to face economic challenges, Price Manufacturing identified a path forward. We diversified our focus while still serving the needs of the aerospace and automotive industries. This included adding more CNC machines to our precision screw machining production lines and targeting customers in new industries such as medical and alternative fuels. Today, Price Manufacturing serves even more categories of business, including recreational / hobby, security, and technology.

Part of what keeps us flexible is our continued investment into our equipment and our staff. As we add machines capable of producing CNC and precision machine threaded parts, we also hire and retain employees with deep expertise in the machining process. This allows us to review the requirements for a customer’s part, determine the best method and materials to use in creating it, and advise customers on opportunities in and challenges to their design plans.

No matter the industry and no matter the project, customers can expect us to deliver reliable, quality work. We encourage you to get in touch and find out more about how we can help with your project.

Conveniently located on the edge of Riverside and San Bernardo counties and serving California, Nevada and Arizona. Contact us to learn about Price Manufacturing’s work in CNC and precision screw machining. Email us or call (951) 371-5660.