Posted on Nov 30, 2012 in News, Technology

Our Values: Price Manufacturing, CNC and Precision Screw Machining Products

Price Manufacturing is an experienced producer of precision screw machining products. For over three decades, our company has serviced customers in a variety of industries, including…

  • Transportation: We work with businesses in aerospace, automotive and the recreational / hobby category. Price Manufacturing meets the quality requirements of the American standards for aerospace and is certified to ISO 9001:2008.
  • Electronics:  By providing high-grade parts for medical devices, contact assemblies, and hermetically-sealed products, our business contributes to the advancement of technological innovation.
  • Energy and Safety: Price Manufacturing creates precision screw machining products for businesses that produce alternative fuel delivery components, gas detection devices and home security systems.

Our roster of customers and our breadth of experience continue to grow. The parts we create may have a variety of different uses, but Price Manufacturing has a repeatable, successful process that can support businesses no matter the industry that they serve. This process involves identifying the needs of our customer, defining the part’s requirements, and machining parts according to their specifications. Driving our success is our underlying values: QualityReliability and Expertise.

Quality: Price Manufacturing’s experience in CNC and precision screw machining products helps us meet design specifications within extremely close tolerances. This is due in part to the equipment and skill we use in machining components for our customers. The rejection rate of the parts that we deliver to customers is extremely low: less than one-tenth of one percent. In addition, internal testing allows us to spot problems and resolve them before they ever become a concern to our customers. This has led to a very low internal rate of rejection as well.

Reliability: All of our work processes center around providing the parts that customers need in the way that they need them and on the date that they are required. It begins with careful planning; Price Manufacturing acts as a design partner to our customers to help ensure that we are using the optimal equipment and techniques to machine parts. Then we work as a team internally, from our quality manager to our machinists to our foremen, to implement the process that we have agreed will give the best results.

Expertise: The success of our company—and the quality and reliability of our work—starts with choosing the right staff members for the job. Price Manufacturing employs experienced machinists who understand the production of high-grade parts from the design phase to delivery. Employees at Price Manufacturing help customers achieve their goals by choosing the best equipment, raw materials and process for the machining work.

If you are looking for a leading CNC and screw machine products company to assist in your upcoming project, we encourage you to contact Price Manufacturing. Our company will demonstrate its values every day, along with a customer-first attitude that creates confidence in our work and in our commitment to excellence.

Conveniently located on the edge of Riverside and San Bernardo counties and serving California, Nevada and Arizona. Experience Price Manufacturing for yourself. Contact us about producing CNC or precision screw machining products for your project by email or telephone: (951) 371-5660.