Posted on Dec 8, 2012 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing provides businesses with high-quality components for use in their products. Our work includes screw machined parts and CNC precision machine threaded parts. In over 30 years of business, we have formed long-lasting relationships with companies in a variety of industries, from aerospace and automotive to mining and alternative energy.

Through these manufacturing relationships, we develop time-tested processes and produce parts for customers based on their needs forecast. This investment pays off in the form of a reliable supply of parts that helps customers handle changes in demand.

In certain cases, however, customers will approach us for work in contract manufacturing. This type of project has benefits and challenges different from our typical ongoing engagement. Contract manufacturing is suitable for businesses that require a limited run of precision machine threaded parts. To determine this type of relationship, Price Manufacturing follows a process that includes:

  • Preliminary research. We review the customer’s engineering drawings and discuss their needs to determine the equipment, materials and process that will be involved in the contract manufacturing work. Typically, this involves a discussion among many different functions within Price Manufacturing to anticipate problems that may come up during production.
  • Product planning. We work with the customer to understand the capital expenditures and raw materials that will be involved. These may differ depending on whether the customer needs custom aluminum machine parts, specialized machining equipment or unconventional tooling.
  • Budgeting. Once Price Manufacturing has determined the expense of the contract manufacturing, it can offer a cost for the project. Customers make their decision based on our proposal and on our proven capabilities, like producing machine products that meet a high level of tolerance and that will be delivered on-time.

We offer both CNC and screw machining in contract manufacturing. Both processes can achieve high tolerances, address unique design challenges, and produce large-volume lots using a variety of raw materials, such as stainless steel, steel alloys, aluminum alloys and non-ferrous materials. However, precision machine threaded parts from our computer numerical control (CNC) systems reach the greatest level of tolerance and is best for jobs that require repeatable, highly-accurate results.

Price Manufacturing is able to perform machining and manufacturing operations that include:

  • Drill, cross drill, key-way mill and crossmill.
  • Backwork, broach, and burnish.
  • Threading processes (internal and external / rolled and cut).

We can also swage, roll stamp, knurl, slot, ream, and flat generate. Our quality managers will work in tandem with our machinists and foremen to develop a plan for producing parts that meet detailed design specifications. Our staff is highly experienced, which allows Price Manufacturing to anticipate challenges and resolve them before they impact a customer’s budget or schedule.

Whether you are a current customer interested in a contract engagement or a new customer who has heard about our past successes, we invite you to get in touch with us.

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