Posted on Dec 25, 2012 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing produces computer numerical control and custom screw machine products. Below, we provide details about the company’s history and services.


In 1980, Paulo Rabi founded Price Manufacturing after 32 years of experience in machining. The business, established as a screw machine products company, was originally located in Pico Rivera, California. It opened its doors to customers with four Davenport machines, but by the time it had relocated to Corona, California in 1990, Price Manufacturing had grown to 10 Davenports, 12 employees, and a host of customers for which it produced CNC and custom screw machine products.

Initially, Price Manufacturing’s work was heavily in the aerospace industry. The skills it employed for companies that supplied Boeing and Airbus translated well to the automotive industry, and in 1986, Price Manufacturing began supplying custom aluminum machine parts and precision screw machining products for safety features such as the automotive airbag and airbag restraint system.

As the economy fluctuated in the 1990s, Price Manufacturing made the strategic decision to diversify its customer base. It added more CNC machines to its production lines for precision screw machining products, and it began earning customers in new industries such as medical and alternative fuels. Today, it continues as a leading supplier for these industries as well as companies in the recreational, security, and technology categories.


Typically, Price Manufacturing supplies customers as part of long-term relationships in which part specifications and designs have been tested and proven. As a result, the company can deliver products to its customers on a reliable basis and within very close tolerances. Price Manufacturing sustains a rejection rate for parts that it delivers to customers of less than one-tenth of one percent. In addition, it keeps a very low internal rate of rejection. This helps customers receive the right parts on time and within budget.

In addition to these long-term customer relationships, the company engages in contract manufacturing. This allows customers to develop projects that require high volume in a brief period of time. To establish a contract manufacturing project for products such as custom aluminum machine parts, Price Manufacturing works with a business to determine the capital outlay required for a proposed part. It works hand-in-hand with the customer’s engineers to define the design specifications, raw material required, and other factors that may affect the total cost of the project. This type of analysis helps both parties to understand the budget, timing, and tolerance that they can expect in the manufacturing work.

Though the company has changed over time, it has not altered the values that have led it to its years of success. Whether a company chooses Price Manufacturing for long-term or contract manufacturing, it can be assured that the products it receives will be of a high quality, delivered reliably, and produced by experts in the field.

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