Posted on Oct 29, 2015 in Technology

In 1980, the world was a very different place. Ronald Reagan was elected president, you could buy a house for under $70K, and Price Manufacturing, a precision machine shop in Riverside County, opened its doors for business. Back then, our primary focus was manufacturing parts for the booming aerospace industry, but much has changed since then. Today, we’re a diverse organization, serving a variety of industries, but we’ve still maintained our commitment to exacting precision that made us a trusted name in aerospace all those years ago.

Strength Through Diversity

As the aerospace industry has evolved over the years, we’ve expanded into a number of other industries to remain strong and secure as a company. One of the many benefits we’ve gained from doing this is in the refinement of our processes through working with such a diverse customer base. Aside from working with aerospace giants like Boeing, Airbus and other commercial and military aircraft manufacturers, our product can now be found in:

  • Alternative Fuels: with each passing year, the emphasis on energy efficiency increases. We support this emerging industry with fittings, adaptors, housings, and vacuum and fuel delivery components.
  • Automotive: beginning during the early stages of safety restraint systems and through the rapid increase in demand for airbags, we kept pace with the ever-changing demands of this industry, eventually diversifying into parts for automotive brake systems, fuel sensors, electronics, and after-market repairs.
  • Electronics: we supply parts for hermetically sealed products, contact assemblies, terminal headers, telecommunication adaptors and connectors, all made to specific customer requirements.
  • Medical: We manufacture only the highest-grade aluminum and stainless devices for medical products.
  • Hobby and Recreation: off-roading, bicycling, archery, gaming systems, and cooking products are just a few of the items we manufacture parts for.
  • Safety Systems: we provide products for automotive and construction safety, lighting, gas detection devices, and home security systems.

Whatever your industry, our experience in precision manufacturing can help with your project. We offer economical solutions for machining the parts you need quickly, efficiently, and to-spec every time.

Looking for a quality precision machine shop in Riverside County? Price Manufacturing has over 30 years of experience in diverse industries. Call us today at (951) 371-5660, by email, or with our online form for a quote.