Posted on Sep 1, 2012 in News

Quality is no longer a value-add for a vendor in the manufacturing industry, it’s an expectation. This was a driving factor behind the purchase of a new inspection system to ensure the highest quality assessment process for our customers. Our optical laser inspection system, designed by Oasis, has the ability to assess the external features of a part in less than 2 seconds. With customer tolerances in the thousandths, accuracy is a necessity. George-Products Co., the creator of the Oasis Inspection System, is a leading supplier of quality calculation systems in the machining and manufacturing world.

The ability to lower our queue time adds to our efficiency, and allows Price Manufacturing’s qualified inspection team to examine more product in a shorter time period. The Oasis Inspection System provides 1st article documentation for all parts including their tolerance range. The Oasis integrated processing system will also record all measurements with traceability to lot, machine, and employee numbers. This particular feature will help reinforce our current ISO/AS requirements. The new inspection system will make certain that Price Manufacturing stays ahead of the competition with a durable and dependable laser optic system. Contact us to learn about Price Manufacturing’s work in CNC and precision screw machining. Email us or call (951) 371-5660.