Posted on Jul 29, 2012 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing has been a leading supplier of the automotive, medical and aerospace industries since 1980. Technology has undoubtedly augmented over the past 30 years with faster, more efficient machinery. The EuroTurn is a state of the art 6-spindle automatic screw machine that has the capability to produce parts that have stringent tolerance dimensions with minimal downtime.

Numerous machinists are familiar with the Brown & Sharpe, Acme-Gridley, and Davenport brands which have been standards in the industry for generations. The latest Euroturn uses the same rough and rugged concept of the deep-rooted style screw machines, along with numerous upgraded electronic technological advances to help the operator perform all required functions. The Euro-Turn automatic screw machine has the ability to run at a more rapid pace with a 32MM (1.25”) capacity. Streamlining our process while producing a superior product has been an evolving goal here at Price Manufacturing. We feel the purchase of the new EuroTurn screw machine will help us surpass that objective. Contact us to learn about Price Manufacturing’s work in CNC and precision screw machining. Email us or call (951) 371-5660.