Posted on Nov 10, 2015 in News, Technology

Directional customer requirements continue to move towards more efficient and cost effective methods. One area of the machine shop that has struggled to become more resourceful is the cleaning process. Batch cleaning is often a bottleneck area with an added expense, yet the shop cleaning system is rarely given credit or praise.

Screw machine shops have an intensified need for dropping parts complete; batch processing in production is often minimized, but after the parts come off the machines, they are frequently batched in the back of the shop, waiting until there is a sufficiently large quantity for cleaning. Many shops consistently struggle to eliminate this lag in production with cleaning solutions that minimizes cost and improves efficiency.

Our new iFP vacuum part washer is ideal for batch cleaning parts machined in oil (or parts that have blind holes/internal features) because it has:

  • Low cycle times and energy consumption.
  • Consistently clean parts due to high distillation rate.
  • Minimum solvent and stabilizer consumption.
  • No emissions because of activated carbon filter unit.
  • Ethernet interface that allows for online maintenance.
  • Fast cooling system.

The washer also has constant monitoring of filter saturation that signals the control panel and can be removed without any emission. This continuous operations feedback streamlines cleaning to allow for modifications to make the process faster and more effective.

These units are self-contained and environmentally friendly. The solvent is recycled internally through distillation and very low solvent loss gives the iFP brand a distinct advantage when compared with other systems. The iFP cleaning system works entirely in vacuum conditions, guaranteeing that no solvent residue is present on the parts or released into the environment. The iFP is a “low energy consumption” machine and compliant under Southern California statutory cleaning regulations.

Price Manufacturing strives to lead the field by discovering new and innovative ways to reduce cost while providing quality parts to our customers. Our new iFP cleaning machine is another step to ensure our ongoing competitiveness in the screw machine industry. The acquisition of the iFP cleaning system confirms our commitment to lead the screw machine trade into the future. Contact us today by email, by (951) 371-5660, or by using our online form to learn more.