Posted on Jun 1, 2012 in News

Price Manufacturing has taken the next step in providing superior customer service by purchasing and implementing a new (ERP) Enterprise Resource Program. This advanced system made by E2-Shoptech is a state of the art operating system that allows Price Manufacturing to better track current consumer and vendor orders, schedule production for customers, oversee work in process, monitor inventory levels, and find areas for improvement through reduced queue time.
E2-Shoptech is one of the leading corporations for design and functionality for ERP systems in the contract manufacturing industry. E2-Shoptech has recently been named one of the fastest growing companies in the United States and has also received one of the highest honors from Intuit (QuickBooks) for their exceptional performance and ease of use.
Price Manufacturing looks forward to this new and promising relationship with E2-Shoptech. Becoming more efficient will not only assist in Price Manufacturing’s ability to stay ahead of the competition, it will also ensure customer satisfaction from the corporate side of our enterprise. Contact us to learn about Price Manufacturing’s work in CNC and precision screw machining. Email us or call (951) 371-5660.