Posted on Aug 16, 2018 in Events

Design 2 Part Free Admission (September 12 & 13, 2018) Long Beach Convention Center • Long Beach, CA

Price Manufacturing is always looking to expand their business throughout the many specialized industries across the country. The Design 2 Part trade show has given Price Manufacturing the ability to physically demonstrate their diversification and wide spectrum of capabilities with a “hands on” approach. The Design 2 Part trade show has been in circulation throughout the United States since 1977. This has allowed contract manufacturers from all over the country to connect with OEM procurement and engineer specialists.

The main goal behind Design to Part is to help shift the manufacturing pendulum back to the United States. Price Manufacturing has retained a booth at the D2P trade show since 1985. Many OEMs in specialized industries have found the unique benefit in purchasing locally. Everything from reduced lead times to superior quality has brought numerous companies into the trade show searching for answers to their procurement struggles.

With our concurring ideologies, Price Manufacturing Co. and Design 2 Part have developed a strong bond over the past 30 years. We look forward to assisting additional consumers in the near future from our relationships formed at the Design 2 Part trade show. Come on down and see us! Contact us to learn about Price Manufacturing’s work in precision screw machining. Email or call 951-371-5660.