Posted on Dec 18, 2012 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing is an experienced provider of precision screw machining and custom screw machine products. One of the reasons that we have been successful for more than three decades is that we have never stopped developing new ways of serving our customers.

We started in 1980 with four Davenport machines and a focus on the aerospace industry. Over time, we have added new industries to our work. Now, we serve companies in a variety of areas, and we have the expertise to produce parts more accurately and quickly than ever.

Below, we discuss some of the systems and tools that Price Manufacturing has implemented to upgrade our precision screw machining and custom screw machine products.

Enterprise Resources Planning

Price Manufacturing utilizes an “ERP,” a software system capable of tracking all customer and vendor orders. This system allows us to schedule production, track work, check inventory, and keep a record of quality.

The ERP is more than a tool to help us create custom screw machine parts. It:

  • Provides our customers with transparency into their projects. The companies with which we work have information that helps them adjust their orders on a month-to-month basis.
  • Gives customers greater confidence in our ability to deliver on-time, as they can easily find out what stage their parts have reached in production.
  • Lets us review the quality of the parts we are creating and the corrective and preventive steps we are taking on behalf of each customer.

Laser Inspection System

As a CNC and screw machine products company, accuracy is one of the measures by which Price Manufacturing is evaluated. This is why we have added a laser inspection system to our process.

The system can inspect all of a part’s external features in less than two seconds. Reports can be tracked to the machine, time, date, operator, and material related to the part. Even custom screw machine products with hundreds of characteristics may be measured in this fashion. This eliminates the time-consuming process of a manual inspection.

Radioisotope Unit

Quality is another key factor in the production of our parts. In industries such as aerospace and automotive, alloy verification is a necessary and time-consuming step.

Fortunately, Price Manufacturing utilizes a radioisotope unit. This equipment can check the chemical composition of bar stock. Without this type of equipment, a screw machine products company might need to provide a sampling of its parts to an outside laboratory and pay the high cost of testing for each piece. Price Manufacturing’s radioisotope unit can test materials against a standard, verify the alloy in-house, and record the results digitally.

Efficiency for Our Customers

Each of these systems and tools were implemented at some cost to our company. However, Price Manufacturing recognizes that the time and money savings to our customers are worth it. We invite you to explore our services and see for yourself.

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