Posted on Jan 22, 2013 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing offers precision screw machining products and custom CNC machining. We are a great choice for customers in San Bernardino who appreciate the value of quality work, reliable delivery, and broad machining expertise.

Our work process depends on the customer’s needs. Typically, either a customer’s purchasing agent or engineer will make contact with us to begin a conversation about the project. Purchasing agents usually require limited details from us, such as the lead time and pricing structure we can offer for a project.

If an engineer is our point of contact, the customer may involve Price Manufacturing in the design process. Our team will coordinate with the engineer and work internally to develop an approach for creating the part. We consider challenges that might crop up along the way, additional equipment that the project may need, and the standards and requirements that the parts must meet. All of this information helps in the final decision of whether to complete the parts using screw machining or custom CNC machining.

The recommendations we offer will also be based on two important factors: time and tolerance.

  • Time. If the customer requires us to produce a large number of parts in a shorter amount of time, Price Manufacturing may recommend screw machining over custom CNC machining. With screw machining, we position twelve-foot bar stock into our equipment and use spindles to operate on multiple bars, which allows us to perform several operations simultaneously. This is different from custom CNC machining, which requires a more time-intensive process.
  • Tolerance. For every customer project, Price Manufacturing delivers high-precision products. We have a very low internal rate of rejection and an even lower rate of rejection by customers. This attention to quality prevents delays that can impact our customer’s work. However, depending on the tolerance that a part needs, we may recommend that customers choose custom CNC machining over screw machining. While both processes use top-of-the-line equipment and are overseen by experienced machinists, CNC is more capable of producing parts with close tolerances on a repeatable, high-volume basis.

Helping customers choose the equipment that fits their needs is one of the ways in which we act as design partners. This team approach is an important factor that differentiates Price Manufacturing from other providers. Our work may involve conversations with our manager of quality, our machinists and our foremen. Each member of our staff is knowledgeable about the machining process. Customers are involved in discussions throughout the process in order to understand our plans and to offer expertise into their industries. This helps customers get parts that meet their specifications, budget and timeline.

All of the design support we offer is free of charge to customers. We consider this work part of the value in choosing an experienced partner for your machining needs.

See if your project will benefit from screw or custom CNC machining. With our products available to San Bernardino and other communities in California and Arizona, Price Manufacturing has the solutions you need. Contact us by email, by our online form, or by telephone at (951) 371-5660.