Posted on Dec 2, 2012 in News, Technology

A lot has changed since 1980.

That’s the year in which Price Manufacturing opened its doors. We started our business with a great deal of experience; our founder, Paulo Rabi, had worked for 32 years in machining before establishing the company. The team that he built and sustained reflects a commitment to expertise in all phases of the machining process.

Our Work

Over the years, Price Manufacturing has become known as a reliable manufacturer for customers in Los Angeles and across the state who have the greatest volume needs. With the development of advanced technology, Price Manufacturing has been able to serve customers in more communities and in more ways than ever. Our precision screw machining service helps customers who require a large number of parts in a timely fashion. Also, we are a leader in CNC machine products and custom CNC machining. Our computer numerical control machining allows us to produce high-volume, highly-accurate production lots.

CNC and Screw Machining

CNC serves customers best when they require parts that must be tooled to extremely close tolerances. When we are producing a set of fasteners for products that are used to keep people safe, it is essential that those parts meet their specifications. This precision is one of the reasons CNC machining products have a significant advantage over screw machining products.

Custom CNC machining has another advantage: it gives our company flexibility in the way parts are tooled in the manufacturing process. Our systems for computer numerical controlled turning uses multi-axis lathes, and CNC insert tooling lets us perform quick change-overs to reduce lead times. We operate Mori-Seiki lathes and Fadal, Bridgeport and Mori-Seiki Mills, and our screw machining equipment is also top-of-the-line.

Our Values

Whether a customer requires ongoing screw machining services, custom CNC machining, or contract manufacturing, they will experience the same values upon which our company was founded.

  • We will provide the highest quality screw and CNC machine products to our customers and deliver parts that attain the closest tolerances.
  • We will meet customer deadlines reliably because we know that they count on our work to meet their own deadlines.
  • Customers can turn to us for guidance, expertise and design support throughout the process.

Customer Service

Price Manufacturing will participate in every stage of a project. The customer contact may be a purchasing agent who simply needs our response to lead times and pricing structure. Or, it may be a business owner who wants to learn more about how we work and what our capabilities are. Often, though, we team with a customer’s engineer to review part drawings, discuss the specifications with our team internally, and advise the customer of all of the options available for machining.

All of this support is offered at no additional cost. It is our way of improving the efficiency of the project and demonstrating the value of our company. We invite you to contact us and learn more.

Conveniently located just outside of the Los Angeles metro and serving California, Nevada and Arizona. Get details about Price Manufacturing’s precision CNC machining work and CNC machining products. Email us or call (951) 371-5660.