Posted on Jun 12, 2013 in News, Technology

Computer numerical control machining allows Price Manufacturing to produce medium-to-large production lots that meet precise specifications. With the equipment we use in CNC precision machining, San Bernardino customers have more choices for high-quality, high-volume, and highly-reliable parts.

The accuracy that our process provides makes it a natural fit for the medical and electronics industries. The advance of technology in both areas has led to the miniaturization of machines that once required huge amounts of power or large spaces to function. As those machines have become smaller, they have required tinier components that fit more exact dimensions. Price Manufacturing has contributed to this advancement through its work in CNC precision machining.

San Bernardino’s Medical Industry

Medical products help physicians in their evaluation, treatment and support of patients. These products include syringes, IVs, and other materials used in surgical procedures and diagnostics.

Because a patient’s health depends on these medical products, instruments must meet rigorous standards for quality. From the raw material we source to the care we take in the design process, Price Manufacturing helps achieve these standards. With our precision machining, San Bernardino customers can rely on our parts to meet exacting specifications lot after lot.

The care we take is important from both a business standpoint and a medical standpoint. Providing the right parts on-time prevents delays or deliveries that must be rejected because of faulty work. Our precision saves customers time and money. Also, great parts help make great products. Price Manufacturing takes pride of workmanship, knowing that we are serving doctors—and ultimately, patients—in better health care.

Electronic Connectors

Price Manufacturing produces a variety of parts for the electronics industry. This includes parts for contact assemblies and hermetically-sealed products like terminal headers, telecommunication connectors, and adaptors. Our CNC machining process helps create components that are protected from atmospheric interference.

The sophistication of this work demonstrates Price Manufacturing’s ability to meet exact design specifications. Unlike many other companies, we also take part in the design process. Engineers will often consult with Price Manufacturing—free of charge—to refine the plans for their parts and to determine the best materials to use.

Our staff’s experience with the machining process means that we can examine production plans before any manufacturing takes place and address areas of concern. As a result, customers get parts that suit their needs better, work more reliably, and are delivered according to schedule. We know that businesses depend on us for a consistent source of components, and we are proud to help them succeed in their work.

Whether your company is part of the medical or electronics industry or it works in another area, Price Manufacturing can help you with your project. Contact us to determine the best approach for machining your components.

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