Posted on Jan 3, 2013 in News, Technology

Riverside’s Price Manufacturing produces parts for a variety of customers, but generally, our services fall into two areas: screw machining and CNC precision machining. Company representatives from Price Manufacturing help customers decide the approach that fits the project.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Each of our services presents distinct advantages…

Precision: Computer numeric controlled machines are able to work on different characteristics and locations of the raw material at the same time. They can also meet the highest tolerances and the most exacting specifications. The precision Price Manufacturing achieves as a CNC precision machining company helps prevent batches from being rejected, saving time and money.

Time: Like CNC precision machining, our company’s screw machining services can reach high tolerances, use a variety of raw materials, and are managed by our expert machinists. However, customers will typically shorten their production schedule with screw machining because it can shape multiple bar stocks at once.

Cost: Screw machining services do not require the level of precision that CNC machining provides. Our company can use less expensive equipment to produce the parts that its customers need. This reduces your company’s upfront investment.

Planning Your Project

Price Manufacturing supports its customers by taking an active role in project planning. We have experience as a provider to several industries, including aerospace precision machiningautomotive parts, and parts for recreational vehicles. As a result, we can work with many different companies to identify the machinery, processes, and schedule that will suit their requirements.

The majority of our customer engagements are ongoing. Customers provide us with forecasts of their needs, and we arrange to have parts machined and ready in order to meet their fluctuating demands. In some cases, we can arrange to carry excess inventory for customers who work in industries with high volatility.

Price Manufacturing will also work on a contract manufacturing basis. This is a project in which a business requires a limited run of precision machine parts.

For these projects, Price Manufacturing follows a procedure that helps us learn the customer’s needs and provide the parts on time and on budget.

  • We begin by conducting preliminary research to understand the customer’s engineering requirements. This lets us determine the equipment and materials that we will use in the production of the parts. Many members of the Price Manufacturing team may be involved, including our engineers and project management staff.
  • Next, we outline the capital expenditures and materials that the customer will require. Projects may call for machinery that we do not have in-house but that we can procure. Our staff is great at integrating new machining equipment into customer projects.
  • Finally, we present a budget for the contract manufacturing project. Our expertise and experience in precision machining mean that customers can rely on the timeline and estimates we provide.
  • Conveniently located on the edge of Riverside and San Bernardo counties and serving California, Nevada and Arizona.

Whatever service you require and whatever the scope of your project, contact us to learn about Price Manufacturing’s work in CNC and precision screw machining. Email us, call (951) 371-5660, or use our online form today.