Posted on Feb 8, 2013 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing is a leader in creating parts for products used in industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, and health care. We are able to achieve both high volume and great precision because of the skill of our workers and the technology on which we rely, such as our CNC machining services.

Often, clients approach us with a specific need. Sometimes, it is a connector that will be used in an instrumentation panel. Other times, it is a part that will help hold together the different components of a vehicle. One of our first tasks is deciding which manufacturing process makes the most sense for the project. Typically, we choose between screw manufacturing and CNC machining services. Parts that are created by screw machining are similar to CNC machining products in many ways. Both…

  • Have high tolerances in order to meet the design specifications from the client.
  • Are developed in our facility under the guidance of expert teams of machinists.
  • Can take advantage of a range of raw materials.

However, CNC machining services are better suited to certain projects because of the advantages they offer in precision. In screw machining, our team works directly with the equipment to form the parts. With CNC, tooling processes are handled by computer numeric controlled machines, and this automation allows for closer tolerances. Parts are manufactured repeatedly and in exacting measurements to match designs as closely as possible.

CNC machining services have a different process than screw machining. Screw machining can shape multiple pieces of bar stock at one time. With CNC, our lathe handles a single piece of bar stock per revolution. Also, the computer shapes parts from the bar using tools that work at varying locations on the raw material. In short, CNC machining services exchange time for precision.

As a result of these differences, CNC is best for projects that must meet the most exacting specifications. When precision is the priority, Price Manufacturing will generally recommend its computer-assisted equipment to help clients get the best quality parts and to avoid rejection of batches. The time involved in producing parts one piece of bar stock at a time means that companies may face a higher expense.

One of the greatest benefits of working with Price Manufacturing is our design input. Your business may be uncertain whether the part it needs can be delivered to the specifications it requires. Or, you may not know whether you can meet a looming deadline while staying under the budget you have set. When you team with us, you not only get a reliable, high-quality manufacturing partner. You also get guidance from experienced machinists who can help you to choose the right process, tweak design specifications as needed, and establish a plan for success.

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