Posted on Jan 20, 2013 in News, Technology

Price Manufacturing—a provider of CNC machine products and precision CNC machining—works with customers in a variety of industries in Riverside and beyond. One of the common traits among these industries, however, is that they have high standards for quality.

Many of the businesses we serve face detailed regulations. For example, companies in the aerospace and automotive industry have standards for the design specifications that they must follow, how their products must be made, and the type of raw materials that they must use. By choosing Price Manufacturing for their CNC machine products, businesses can ensure that they meet or exceed these standards.


When Price Manufacturing started producing parts in 1980, 90% of its work was as a supplier to the aerospace industry. Over time, it has built a reputation as a reliable partner in the supply chain that ultimately serves Boeing, Airbus and other commercial and military aircraft manufacturers.

Working with Price Manufacturing offers companies in the aerospace industry significant advantages. One of the most important is that we are compliant with the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). DFARS is used by the Department of Defense to identify the proper sourcing and use of metals in projects. A company that chooses Price Manufacturing for CNC machine products can have confidence that the parts we deliver comply with these regulations, which can often be complex.

In addition to DFARS, Price Manufacturing products meet the American standards for aerospace. According to SAE International, the premiere world resource for the design, manufacturing, operation, and maintenance of aircraft and space vehicles, there are over 1,500 standards for fasteners alone. One of the ways that we meet these guidelines is by using high-quality raw materials. We have developed sources that help ensure the integrity of our parts. The time we save getting orders correct on our first delivery of products allows our customers to rely on us project after project.


Shortly after Price Manufacturing went into business, we became involved in the early stages of the automotive airbag program and, later, the automotive airbag restraint system. We adapted new technologies and techniques along the way to meet changing engineering and procurement demands.

This experience helped us develop core competencies that translated from restraints and airbags to other parts. Now, we produce CNC machine products for automotive components such as fuel sensors, braking systems, electronics and after-market repairs. We are proud to contribute to the safety of people who purchase vehicles built with parts from our customers.

Beyond Industry

Some traits are valued by businesses no matter the type of products or services they offer. Customers who work with Price Manufacturing can expect reliability, quality and expertise with every project. Our time-tested processes and our commitment to customer service have helped make us successful for over thirty years. We invite you to get in touch to learn more about our work.

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