Posted on Dec 15, 2012 in News, Technology

Corona California’s Price Manufacturing has over thirty years’ experience serving customers with the reliable delivery of high-quality parts. In particular, we have a long history of working in automotive precision machining.

Shortly after opening its doors, Price Manufacturing began making parts for the automotive airbag program and, later, for automotive airbag restraint systems. In more recent years, we have provided automotive precision machining services for components such as fuel sensors, braking systems, electronics and after-market repairs.

Price Manufacturing is always looking for solutions to our customers’ challenges. Below are a few examples of the value we add.

Providing Alternatives to Raw Materials

Customers choose Price Manufacturing because…

  • We understand the importance of the work we do and the role our customers play in the supply chain of safety.
  • We are able to handle the high-volume production of machine parts.
  • The parts we produce are accurate, high-quality, and thoroughly checked.

In addition, our knowledge of the automotive industry allows us to save our customers money. Often, businesses can reduce costs by using different quality aluminum or nickel in place of chrome parts. We advise businesses on their designs and then recommend alternative materials and processes that still meet their requirements.

Meeting Close Tolerances

Price Manufacturing is always improving its work to offer greater value to customers. Consider a company that approached us with a request to achieve closer tolerance on its parts. Unfortunately, the equipment that Price Manufacturing had been using for the customer was not able to meet the new tolerance.

Rather than turning away the request, Price Manufacturing decided to reach new levels of precision in machining the automotive part. We invested in additional equipment that had the technology to reach this tolerance. This machinery also dramatically reduced the time for bar stock changeovers. The customer—and other companies in need of high-quality, high-efficiency parts—benefit from our investment.

Stocking for Volatile Demand

A third way in which Price Manufacturing supports customers is with a stocking program for automotive parts that require precision machining. In recent years, automotive customers have found that their demand can fluctuate without warning. As a result, companies like Price Manufacturing become even more important to their work.

To respond to our customers’ needs, Price Manufacturing provides businesses with a cushion of inventory. We will work with qualified customers to:

  • Forecast the yearly demand for the production of parts. Communication with customers allows us to keep these numbers up-to-date.
  • Provide a percentage of parts above the yearly demand. Price Manufacturing will hold these parts in inventory.
  • Keep a close watch on the availability of raw material. If the levels of raw materials should fall, Price Manufacturing will notify the customer in order to make alternative arrangements.

Price Manufacturing considers our customers’ challenges as an opportunity to demonstrate our value. See how we can help your business.

Conveniently located on the edge of Riverside and San Bernardo counties and serving California, Nevada and Arizona. Learn more about Price Manufacturing’s work in precision machining for automotive companies. Email or call (951) 371-5660.