Posted on Dec 1, 2012 in News, Technology

Our Company ERP for Screw and CNC Precision Machining

Riverside California’s Price Manufacturing offers customers the things they care about most in a parts provider: reliability, quality, and accuracy. As a screw and CNC precision machining company, we have developed this reputation over our thirty years-plus years of service.

We have also built competencies in a variety of industries offering parts for electronic contact assemblies; stainless steel and aluminum devices for medical products; automotive precision machining; and much more. This variety helps us transfer what we learn on one project to parts we produce for every other customer.

One example of how Price Manufacturing is constantly improving as a precision machining company is our enterprise resource program (ERP.) This software system allows us to upgrade our operations on a continuous basis. With the ERP, we…

Track current customer and vendor orders: Using the system, Price Manufacturing can easily determine where projects stand. Customers can get faster answers about the stage of production their parts have reached, and we can identify potential challenges to production before they occur.

Schedule production for our customers: The companies with which we work require specific timelines for machining and delivery in order to manage their own supply chain. As a screw and CNC precision machining company, Price Manufacturing values accuracy as well. Our ERP system lets us schedule production in a way that limits down-time. By eliminating bottlenecks and wasted machine resources, we can deliver parts sooner. Also, the ERP allows us to set customer expectations more accurately for when they will receive their parts.

Oversee work-in-progress and inventory: In recent years, several industries have experienced volatile demand. At the same time, certain industries, such as aerospace and automotive precision machining, require close tolerances and longer production times. Price Manufacturing’s ERP helps us know what steps are necessary to meet customer demand, what parts are available in inventory, and whether the raw materials needed for a project are available. We can also use the ERP to develop an inventory buffer against sudden demand for these parts.

Get insights into improvement: At Price Manufacturing, we feel that a precision machining company should always be improving its own processes. With the ERP, we are able to observe trends in the quality of our parts; examine options for correcting and preventing quality issues; and track our performance on behalf of our customers. The transparency this allows into our operations means that customers know more now than ever about their parts and our work. Our customers have high standards, and we want them to know that we do as well.

In summary, our ERP software is a useful tool in improving what we offer to customers. However, it is our commitment to reliability, quality, and accuracy that has made us a leading provider to manufacturers. We invite you to experience our work for yourself.

Contact us to learn about our company’s screw and CNC precision machining services. Email us or call (951) 371-5660. Our precision machining company is conveniently located on the edge of Riverside and San Bernardo counties and serves California, Nevada, and Arizona.