Posted on Dec 9, 2012 in News, Technology

Aerospace Companies and Precision CNC Machining Services by Price Manufacturing

Price Manufacturing is recognized as a leader in precision CNC machining services. When the company got its start in 1980, almost all of its work was as a supplier to aerospace-related businesses.

Though we now service a variety of industries, the exacting requirements for aerospace precision machining still shape the company’s identity today. That’s because aerospace components call for…

Accuracy: Safety is of the highest priority to aerospace businesses. Suppliers to the industry must not only offer precision machining services. They must also meet the most exacting tolerances for the parts they produce, and they must do so consistently, project after project and batch after batch. Price Manufacturing achieves this goal. That’s why companies like Boeing, Airbus, and other commercial and military manufacturers turn to us to produce parts for their components.

High-quality raw materials: In aerospace, every detail matters. The metals that make up a part can determine its durability and its utility for the job. That is why Price Manufacturing follows the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). The Department of Defense uses DFARS to define the appropriate sourcing and use of metals in projects. We have developed reliable sources for raw materials that meet these high standards.

High standards: Along with DFARS, Price Manufacturing meets the American standards for aerospace and follows the standards set by SAE International. These guidelines are varied and complex, and understanding them takes extensive experience in the industry. Price Manufacturing’s knowledge helps us correctly deliver the parts customers need and avoid the expense (and delay) of rejected batches.

Responsiveness to demand: Many of our customers provide forecasts for the demand they expect for their parts. In return, Price Manufacturing sets a production rate for its screw and precision CNC machining. In recent years, however, our aerospace customers have had high volatility in their demand.

Price Manufacturing offers the industry a solution to its fluctuating needs. For qualified customers, we carry additional inventory so that there is a buffer between forecasted rates and the potential demand for parts. This is one of the ways we go beyond aerospace precision machining alone and become a true partner to our customers.

On-time delivery: Price Manufacturing knows that on-time delivery makes a huge impact on our customers’ ability to run their businesses effectively. We apply our years of experience and knowledge of precision machining services to schedule projects correctly. This allows us to source the right materials, produce parts that meet our customers’ specifications, and complete production as expected.

Price Manufacturing offers these qualities to customers in the aerospace industry as well as businesses that work in the automotive, medical device, alternative energy, recreational, and other spaces. We communicate with customers to understand their requirements, and we recommend ways to make projects more efficient, timely, and cost-effective. We look forward to working with your company.

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